Buying A Domain Name

Before you buy hosting and before you do anything else on your website, you will need a domain name. I always buy mine from Namecheap.

Keep Hosting, Domains And DNS Management Separate

Often, you'll be encouraged to buy hosting, a domain name and DNS management from the same provider. For example if you decide to host your site at Bluehost, or GoDaddy or SiteGround, they'll bombard you with offers and information to make sure you buy everything with in one place. Don't do this. In my opinion, it's the wrong way to go about things.

Say for example, you've bought everything from one particular provider. Then the day comes that you want to change your hosting (that day comes for almost everyone). When you do, if your hosting, domain name management and DNS management are all be under one roof, it'll be harder to extricate yourself completely from your original host.

So take my advice and buy everything separately in the first place. Start by buying your domain name(s) at Namecheap. There are other good places to buy domain names, but Namecheap are who I've always used and they have never let me down.

When you buy your domain at Namecheap, of course accept the free WhoisGuard protection that Namecheap provide, but resist their hosting offer. You will also have the choice to set the domain to auto-renew the domain name. You can set to auto-renew if you're sure you'll want to keep the domain name past the time you initially buy it for.

Look - it's highly possible that Namecheap's hosting offer is excellent. I don't know - I've never used it. Remember, in order to get the best outcome for our site, we want to keep our hosting , DNS Management and domain name purchases completely separate.

Managing More Than One Domain

As you grow your income online, and maybe develop more than one blog or site, you may find that you buy many different domain names. If you stick to the principal of always using the same domain name provider to buy all your domain names, you'll be able to see and manage them all in one place.

You won't be logging into Siteground to manage this domain, and into Bluehost to manage that one nor into GoDaddy to manage the other. You'll feel more in control, and take it from me, you will need to feel in some sort of control if you've embarked on this online life. You'll have made this part of the mammoth task to make a living online, easier.

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