An Oxygen Page Layout Example

Post Hero Images In Oxygen Builder

I have built several Oxygen websites that have used a hero image on each post, sometimes with text over the hero image. Recently

Internal Linking Element

I also wanted to include a box near the top of each blog post to display a list of hand-selected related posts, or chapters in a series of posts.

The point in providing hand-selected, related posts is that it helps you to deliberately create more internal linking opportunities and also helps users to find more of your content. This is especially important if you have decided to dispense with the sidebar in your design.

The components I'll cover are:

  • Template layout for posts
  • Hero images with or without text over
  • Building a Gutenberg related posts block

Required WordPress Plugins

To achieve the above, I will need to install the following WordPress plugins

Suggested WordPress Theme

You can install any WordPress theme you like as when you add the Oxygen plugin, all themes are ignored. However you may still get asked to upgrade the theme from time to time even if you are not using it, so for this reason I prefer to use the following WordPress theme.

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