Suggested Oxygen Naming Conventions

You can name the various components created in Oxygen anything you like. However, I like to stick to a simple naming convention so that I can very quickly see what type of thing, a thing is. It helps you make slightly fewer mistakes when in a hurry and keeps everything looking neat.

Naming Oxygen Components

This is the naming convention I use in Oxygen.

  • All reusable parts begin with the word Part
  • All templates begin with the word Template
  • All Oxygen blocks begin with the word Block
  • The default template begins with the word Default

Required Components

I normally start out by creating the following Oxygen components, and naming them according to the above naming convention.

Reusable Parts For Various Headers And Footers

When building a site, I like to have a slightly different header and footer on the home page, than on internal pages. In fact, I set it up so that I can have a different header and footer all the various types of page on my site. This may not be the case for all sites, but I start out with this in mind, and cut back later if I want to.

Doing it this way gives you space for maximum flexibility, when halfway through a site build you have an idea that is made easier because you allowed for different headers and footers throughout the site. Making all the headers and footers out of reusable parts also means that you can make changes in one place to effect changes throughout the site.

There are six categories of header and footer I create.

Home Page Header And Footer

For the home page I create the following reusable parts. The logo isn't clickable and the footer may have more information in it. For example, the footer will include the link to blog posts index that I like to include on all blogs.

  • Part Home Header
  • Part Home Footer

Internal Pages Header And Footer

  • Part Content Header
  • Part Content Footer

Landing Pages Header And Footer

  • Part Lander Header
  • Part Lander Footer

Legal Pages Header And Footer

  • Part Legal Header
  • Part Legal Footer

Confirmations Pages Header And Footer

  • Part Confirmation Header
  • Part Confirmation Footer

Archive Pages Header And Footer

  • Part Archive Header
  • Part Archive Footer

Default Template

The default template that will be a catchall for any pages you forget to design, or have not got around to designing yet. I always mark the default in some way so I know it is the default template that is rendering a page. Maybe place a tagline under the logo of default template which you remove when the site is completed.


I made the decision to not to use inheritance in my Oxygen sites. Inheritance in Oxygen, is where you allow one template to inherit the characteristics of another. I could see no advantages to the way sites are built using this method. In fact for me it seemed to over-complicate the build. I could be wrong but so far I think concentrating on the use of reusable parts rather than inheritance, has simplified my work with Oxygen Builder. Let me know if you think differently

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