What Is Oxygen Builder For WordPress?

Oxygen Builder, often referred to simply as Oxygen, is a visual WordPress site builder. It offers a clean, flexible way for all sorts of web designers to build whole WordPress sites from top to bottom. Oxygen Builder provides visual website design, without too much coding. There are literally hundreds of point and click customization options available.

Oxygen Is Good For WordPress Beginners

Beginners or newbie web designers may not know how to code. People new to web design may not be familiar with HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript, but in the early days, this need not be a blocker to using Oxygen.

New web designers can still build sites without the need to understand or use any programming languages or scripting languages. This is because so much is achievable through Oxygen's visual interface.

But if you know how to code you will get more out of Oxygen and you'll be able to do more with it. This is true of all page builders. One of Oxygen's strengths over other page builders is that Oxygen Builder helps beginners to learn more about PHP, HTML and CSS.

On the Oxygen Facebook Group there are many beginners who have written about much they learned using Oxygen to build websites.

Oxygen Is Good For WordPress Professionals

If you can build a WordPress theme or plugin, can code PHP or JavaScript, or are comfortable with HTML and CSS markup, then Oxygen Builder is also for you. It produces lightweight pages and gives you the opportunity to finely tune your site to make it lightning fast, because it doesn't get in your way.

Oxygen offers you full control of your website project.

Is Oxygen Builder A Plugin Or A Theme?

Oxygen Is A Plugin

Oxygen Builder is not a theme, nor is it a theme framework. Oxygen Builder is a plugin. To use Oxygen you can install any theme you like. Next, install and activate the Oxygen plugin.

Oxygen Ignores Your WordPress Theme

Oxygen Builder does not require a WordPress theme. You still have to install one, largely because WordPress itself requires that you install a theme. However, once you add the Oxygen plugin, it immediately bypasses and ignores your chosen theme.

As the theme does not matter, it is best to choose a simple one that never requires updating. We use a simple theme

Not requiring a theme is great news as it means you are not constrained by the theme or any theme framework. You essentially use Oxygen to build your own theme, your own design.

What Does Oxygen Builder Replace?

You would use Oxygen instead of page builder tools like Elementor or Beaver Builder, and instead of theme frameworks like Genesis. That said, even StudioPress are replacing their own Genesis themes with a block library plugin called Genesis Pro.

How Much Does Oxygen Builder Cost?

Oxygen is a premium site builder. There is no free version. However it is available for a reasonable one time, lifetime price. This is in contrast to many page builders such as Beaver Builder or Elementor which attract a yearly fee.

Right now, Oxygen pricing is as follows :

  • Basic Package - $99 for the Oxygen plugin alone
  • WooCommerce Package - $149 if you want the Oxygen plugin, and the WooCommerce integration,
  • Agency Package - $169 of you want the Oxygen plugin, WooCommerce integration and the Gutenberg Block Builder.

Be aware that the developers have indicated on the pricing page that prices will rise at some point - I don't work for Soflyy so I have no idea when this will happen.

Which Oxygen Builder Package Do I Need?

I believe you will need the Agency Package. Even if you never build anything that requires WooCommerce, most people will need the Gutenberg Block Builder. This allows you to benefit from full Gutenberg integration, and that option is only available in the Agency Package.

Oxygen Builder Features


Oxygen allows you to create your own page layouts for every section of your site. So that means the home page, blog posts, legal pages, landing pages, thank you pages, archive pages, search pages, 404 pages and so on. You can have a different layout for different categories and tags and custom post types. It's all up to you.

Global Colors

When you start a site you can decide on the brand colors you want to use. You define these once, in one place and these colors can then be used throughout your design. However if you change your mind, you can change the color in one place and it will updtae that color eveywhere.

HTML5 Markup

As you build templates, you can deicde what each div element is marked up. It could be an Aside, Main, Header, Footer, Article, and so on. This gives you the power to properly markup a template to produce an organised layout for searchinges to consume.

Advanced Custom Fields

Oxygen Integrates With Advanced Custom Fields which means you can have even more control to build out complex WordPress projects.

Dynamic Data

As you build out a site design, templates can include data driven elements where the content is drawn down from WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields or PHP.

Reusable Parts

Where you find you have common sections on your site such as headers and footers, and other repeated elements you can create these once and use mulitple times.


Any website will be slow if you overload every page with unnecessary eye candy or scripts. Fortunately I prefer to build simple sites - which makes my sites easier to build, but also faster. For example look at the speed of this site in GTMetrix.

Oxygen produces lean code and so you can achieve super speeds with it. This is especially the case if you're happy with a minimal design approach, have decent hosting and the use the right plugins to help speed things up even more.

Fewer Plugins Required

Oxygen does so much you tend to use fewer plugins than you might normally. For example you can build a membership site without using a membership plugin by making use of the logged in conditions.

Gutenberg Compatible

The way I use Oxygen is style the overall site using Oxygen templates, but still enter most of my blog post content via the standard Gutenberg editor in WordPress.

Build Your Own Gutenberg Blocks

You can create your own Gutenberg blocks using Oxygen's drag and drop visual interface. Here is an example of one I've built - it's a simple, full-width Gutenberg block.

Page Builder Capabilities

When I need to build a home page, or a landing page, or any page that is not a blog post or standard page, then I have the option to use Oxygen to build those one off pages out. Oxygen offers the best of both worlds.

You're The Theme Designer

In the old days we used to build sites using WordPress themes. Themes have no future in my opinion as the future is whole site design using Gutenberg or site builder like Oxygen. Now you can create any design you like, using Oxygen. No need to rely on a theme.

Prebuilt Components

There are a lot of ready made, pre built components available in Oxygen. I used to use these, but now I build my own from scratch. Once you are used to the builder it is really quite easy to build your own layouts. But remember I like to keep things simple which means I'm really not trying to push design boundaries.

Custom Classes

You can easily add your own custom classes to make styling very efficient.

Pro Element Menu

Design almost any menu you need using the Pro Menu Builder. This includes the ability to build mobile menus.

Shape Dividers

Oxygen has built in fucntionality to add SVG shape dividers and you can go outside Oxygen to third party sites to build more and import those into your design.

CSS Grid

Oxygen now incorporates a CSS grid layout option on Divs and Sections. This is also available for Easy Posts and Repeaters elements where a grid Layout control provides the ability to layout dynamic elements using CSS Grid, but via a point and click interface.

Which Plugins Do I Need To Use With Oxygen?

There is a list of plugins that I use with every Oxygen site. When I first started using Oxygen I avoided all Oxygen addons. I advise you to do the same until you figure out how Oxygen works. But if you want to know which ones I find the most useful I will create a post that mentions them and why I like them.

Plugin choice is a subjective thing. You can't go far wrong with list of plugins I use but ultimately it is up to you.

Can Oxygen Be Used On Client Websites?

Yes - your Oxygen license allows you to use the software to build as many client websites as you like.

Who Created Oxygen Builder?

Louis Rheingold and the team at Soflyy created and maintain the Oxygen Builder suite of plugins. Soflyy produce excellent training videos too.

Can I Get A Free Trial Of Oxygen?

Soflyy do not offer a free trial of Oxygen Builder. So you can't download a free version and work with it to see if you like it. However they do offer two other ways you can try Oxygen risk free.

  • You can use their demo server to get a feel for it, or
  • You can pay the full price and invoke their 60 day money back guarantee if you don't get on with it. They have a no questions asked, refund policy so you are safe. This is the best way to proceed if you want to fully test it out.
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