Multiple Oxygen Builder Number Counters

Oxygen Builder has brought out a number of useful composite elements. They are available as an addon if you do not have a version of Oxygen Builder that automatically includes them. You do not need composite elements to use Oxygen Builder, but they promise to make life easier especially if you don’t want to do any coding.

I Wanted Three Three Oxygen Builder Counters But …

I’m building a website and wanted to put three counters on the home page. As soon as I did that, I realised there was a problem. My counters were set to count to 50, 100 and 1000. I wanted each counter to finish counting at approximately the same time, but because the parameters for counting were set to be the same for each counter, the counter that had to count to 1000, took an age.

But changing the code that controlled the rate of count for the bigger counter overrode the code of the other counters. The way the Oxygen code has been written means that at the moment, you can only have one counter per page.

How To Place As Many Oxygen Builder Counters As You Want

I’ve made a small change to the Oxygen provided code to make multiple counters on a single page work. I’ve gone through through the steps in the video below The additional code I added is below the video.

Step by Step Instructions

Code for Switch Statement

This is the code I used to change the counter increment as shown in the video