About WordStamped

Updated 10-Nov-2023

I used to work as a web designer, but I’m trying to change direction and become my own client. I still like to teach WordPress site-building to others though. To that end, WordStamped is where I’m placing all the free content I generate to help my students, and anyone else who comes across my site.

If you decide to study one-on-one with me, my aim is to make you as self-sufficient as possible so eventually, you don’t need me.

This site is built using Oxygen Builder. However I am will probably move to Bricks Builder in the near future.

WordStamped Is Mostly Aimed At Bloggers

I write about the building of sites that are destined to be blogs, rather than traditional small business sites, although much of what I like to talk about is applicable to both types of site.

This will be especially so if content writing (or blogging) is part of your plan to build traffic to a small business website.