Remove The WordPress Admin Menu Bar ... Sometimes

The bar that WordPress allows you to add at the top of every page whilst you are logged in, is very useful. It gives quick access to important often-used menu items.

Screenshot of WordPress dashboard showing admin menu bar
WordPress dashboard showing admin menu bar

However, as shown below it can get in the way when you want to see how your site will look to normal, non-logged in visitors. It can sometimes distort how the top of your site will look in real life.

Screenshot of WordPress page showing admin menu bar
WordPress page showing admin menu bar on front end

The Solution

To enable you to have full use of the admin bar when you need it, but to get rid of it quickly when you'd rather not see it, use the following Google Chrome extension. It's called WordPress Admin Bar Control.

The extension places a green WordPress W icon in the extension bar, which you can click on and off to toggle the appearance or disappearance of the WordPress admin bar.

Screenshot of browser extension icons
You can toggle the WordPress Admin menu bar on and off at will.

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