Step 10 – General WordPress Settings

Updated : 20-Jul-2023

Make the following changes to the WordPress General settings for your site.

From the WordPress dashboard click on Dashboard → Settings → General. Once there, change the following setting as follows. Note that I use European dates and time formats because I am in Europe.

Site Title

Put the name of your site. If your site name is long, try to put a short version of it that your brand is also known as.


Make this as short as you can and try to sum up what your site is about in very few words.

The tagline can show up in unexpected places so best not leave it reading, “Just another WordPress site”. You will see that all over the internet. You should put a tagline that helps to explain what your site does or the purpose of your site. 

Admin Email Address

Put your main email address


Select your language


Select a city that is in the same timezone as you. In my case this is Paris.

Date Format

Custom d-M-Y

Time Format


Week Starts On


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