Step 15- Create Essential Posts

Updated : 23-Jul-2023

Next you will create 6 sample posts to serve as placeholder content while you design the layout of your site.

Upload Post Images

Click here for a zip file of the images below, if you need some placeholder images for your placeholder posts.

After downloading all six images upload them all to the media library in your website. Give each a suitable Alt Text.

Delete Existing Posts

Often a new installation of WordPress will include a Hello World! post. Delete this post.

Create First Post

Create a post called Sample Post Amsterdam. Add two paragraphs of placeholder text to the post using this text generator. Assign the post to the Blog category (which at this point in time is the only category available)

Add Featured Image To Post

Select the image of Amsterdam, and upload to Sample Post Amsterdam as the featured image.

Create Remaining Posts

Repeat steps 3) and 4) for each of the remaining 5 posts. You should end up with six posts altogether called

  1. Sample Post Amsterdam
  2. Sample Post Kingston
  3. Sample Post Lagos
  4. Sample Post London
  5. Sample Post Paris
  6. Sample Post Reykyjavic

Assign each sample post a suitable featured image. The ones I’m providing here were generated by me using MidJourney, so there’s no problem with copyright. Use them as you wish.

Why Do This?

If you happen to be building a Seed Site to spawn other sites, pre-existing, content complete with featured images will be useful. It means you’ll be able to design an archive page layout for example without having to set up some blog posts and featured images to see if your design is working.

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