Step 07 - WordPress User Settings

Updated : 20-Mar-2023

As you are creating a Seed site, I recommend setting the admin panel colour scheme to Sunrise (it's bright red). This can help prevent mistakes in the future.

Later, when you're using the Seed site to spawn another new site, you can minimise the chances of getting the two sites confused by making sure the Seed site is extremely noticeable.   By making the Seed site's dashboard standout confusion is less likely. You do not want to make unwanted changes to your precious Seed site.

So set Sunrise to be the colour scheme for the admin user on the Starter site. And while you are here you will also want to straighten out the First Name, Last Name, Nickname and Public Display Name associated with the Admin user.

  1. Login to your WordPress site and go to Dashboard → Users → Profile.
  2. On this page select an Admin Color Scheme you like. I often choose Modern for my sites in general and Sunrise for a Bootstrap site.
  3. Next, check the Toolbar box so that the toolbar shows when viewing the site.
  4. While you are still in the admin profile, make sure that the admin user has a First Name,  Last Name and a Nickname.   For example I would set my first name to Elizabeth, my last name to Jamieson and my nickname to Liz. Please do similarly.
  5. Change the Display name publicly as value to your full name.  For example I set mine to be Elizabeth Jamieson.

But All Sites Will Now Have The Sunrise Theme?

Later when you use the Seed site to create a new site, make sure the first thing you do is to change the admin dashboard colour scheme on the new site to something other than Sunrise. That way the Seed site will always stand out and you won't get it mixed up with something else.

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