Step 08 – WordPress User Settings

Updated : 18-Jul-2023

Set Admin Color Scheme

  • Login to your WordPress site and go to Dashboard → Users → Profile.
  • On this page set the Admin Color Scheme to be the one you like best.
  • Note, if you have several sites you may want to change the colour scheme for each site to help prevent you inadvertently mixing them up, should you ever find yourself editing more than one at the same time.

Set Up The Admin Toolbar

Next, check the Toolbar box so that the toolbar shows when viewing the site.

Fix Admin Name

  • While you are still in the admin profile, make sure that the admin user has a First Name,  Last Name and a Nickname.   For example I would set my first name to Elizabeth, my last name to Jamieson and my nickname to Liz. Please do similarly.
  • Change the Display name publicly as value to your full name.  For example I set mine to be Elizabeth Jamieson.

Save Your Work

Click on Update Profile

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